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What if preventative dental health could be as easy as feeding your pet every day?
Well it can, especially with Royal Canin Dental diets.

Each diet fights dental disease by utilizing a special texture and kibble size and shape; chewing initiates a gentle scraping action to remove plaque from the chewing surface, similar to the action of brushing their teeth. All Royal Canin diets also incorporate a patented antibacterial plaque reducing nutrient to ensure the highest level of preventative dental health.

The benefits of feeding a quality diet don’t stop there - the right food goes a long way. In addition to the dental benefits, feeding a Royal Canin dental diet provides every essential nutrient your cat and dog requires to live a healthy life. Even further, we incorporate precise individualized nutrition, taking into account each pet's chewing strength and grasping method. Every Royal Canin diet is a result of 45 years of continual research led by the practical experience of breeders, nutritionists and veterinarians, and further supported by the knowledge of researchers and university specialists from around the world.

*Cannot be combined with any offer or promotion. Limit one per pet.
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